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The Association of Energy Auditors – Expert union leaders energy audits and energy management in Ukraine.

The main objective of the Association of Energy Auditors is the market development of energy audit and energy management.

The Association of Energy Auditors focused on market-based approaches to work and modern information technology for the formation and development of energy audits and energy management.

KT-Energy team develops and consults upon energy, energy efficiency, and carbon emission reduction projects since 2007. Among our clients there have been big international utilities, oil and gas companies and leading Ukrainian industrial enterprises.

ECO RESOURCES ENERGY LLC manufactures and distributes thermal energy from renewable energy sources for public and private institutions in the Odessa region. Since 2011 the company has implemented a number of projects on the rights of the investor heating contractor, the implementation of such projects initiated by other contractors. Now the company has successfully cooperated with district and regional administrations involved in municipal energy efficiency programs.

Company "GRESA GROUP" operates since 1991, continuously evolving and constantly expanding range of services and equipment, as detailed in the section " OUR COMPANY ".Initially 90 company is one of the first supply and install for the banking system of Ukraine and enterprises - uninterruptible power supply (UPS), which allowed a fragile power system to maintain a constant running mode servers banks and enterprises in Ukraine.Company occupies a special place in the market of heat supply, heating, water, air, electricity, renewable energy, thermal insulation of buildings.

Polish company "Dozameh" was founded in 1991.
During these years the company from day to day as in the production of improved farm machinery and in the manual. At this time, with a lot of experience, we can confidently offer you the highest quality               machines (confirmed by positive feedback from customers and many prestigious awards).
Since 2002, the firm founded by LLC "Dozameh Ukraine" in Odessa. For several years, our compound          feed line got a lot of popularity. More than 1000 units operating in Ukraine in all areas. Our clients - smal medium and large farms. Our equipment helps to solve one of the main problems - the production of their   own feed. We offer a wide range of sampling, transport and preparation of feed. Our machines are sold       not only throughout the country, but also successfully exported to countries such as Russia, Lithuania,     Latvia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany.

T.C.I. GROUP LLC - certification body that specializes in solid biofuel certification for compliance with European standards (EN). The main direction - certification for biofuels certification system ENplus. Body sertfikatsiyi LLC "T.S.I.HRUP" has the authority to esklyuzyvni certification ENplus system.


Technical Center "Obshemash", LLC was founded in 2008. Company profile: engineering company specializing in the development and implementation of new energy technologies. The development, patenting and production of organic waste mobile granulation line  MLG-11 "Forward" (no analogues in the world). The development, patenting and production of mobile lines for seamless, continuous & composite magistral pipes MLPMT-12 «Dynamic Line» (no world analogues). Participation in the programs of bioenergy development in Ukraine and the world. Constructive cooperation with manufacturers, modernization and introduction of new biofuel technologies and energy generation. Management in concession projects and local organizations heating, the transition to alternative fuels and energy-efficient technologies. Solid biofuels export around the Globe.

International biofuel company established under the National Programme pellet Ukrainian Union "Logistics biofuels Ukraine."
International biofuel company guarantees delivery of high quality biofuels in every house, every consumer in every region of Ukraine (pellets, wood pellets from agriculture, wood briquettes).
International biofuel company not only provides solid biofuels, but also equipment for heat generation. Provides service and optimal operation of equipment (boilers, fireplaces and heating equipment).
The motto of the International Biofuels "less fuel - the maximum number of warmth and comfort."