Dear colleagues and partners!

Association "Ukrainian Pellet Union" is an industry association and is not related to any political forces in Ukraine. We support the efforts of the Ukrainian people to democracy, the rule of law and European values, actively working towards integration with the European Union, implement and lobbying in Ukraine European standards. Here we want to provide a brief objective analysis of the political situation in Ukraine:

1. Power in Ukraine had been changed in democratic and legitimate way.

2. Former President Yanukovych built in our country organized criminal-power system, plundered public and private assets. Against his policies, the people of Ukraine began mass protests across the country. These actions were brutally suppressed by criminal forces in collaboration with employees of governmental power structures. In the dispersal of the protests were used military firearms. More than 100 protesters were killed, with about 80 people in one day. These people were shot by sharpshooter power units. The result of these events was a popular revolt that led to the new government of opposition forces.

3. February, 27, 2014 on the territory of our country (the Autonomous Republic of Crimea) came Russian Federation troops. Supposedly to protect the Russian people against discrimination, which has never been in Ukraine and is not now as well. They initiated the seizure of power in the Crimea by pro-Russian forces in conjunction with a lot of Russian citizens who arrived in our country for the purpose of aggression and destabilization of the situation in the regions. They began actively inciting ethnic hatred, separatist actions, attempts to seize Ukrainian military units, government agencies, and to promote the transition of the Crimea and other regions of Ukraine to Russia. We regard these actions by Russia against Ukraine as the war and occupation of the territory of Ukraine.

4. After the reign of criminal President Yanukovych state is experiencing serious financial and organizational difficulties and can not repel an aggressor without the help and support of the European Union and the United States.

Given the situation above, we ask you to provide information support to the true perception of the situation in Ukraine to all the structures of the European Union, as well as to support our commitment to European integration and territorial integrity.

March, 1st, 2013 - - national standarts for solid biofuel DSTU, harmonized with EN system of standatrtization will come into force, namely:
ДСТУ-П CEN/TS 14774-1:2012  Solid biofuels – Determination of moisture content – Oven dry method –
Part 1: Total moisture – Reference method (CEN/TS 14774-1:2004, IDT) 
ДСТУ-П CEN/TS 14774-2:2012 Solid biofuels – Determination of moisture content – Oven dry method –
Part 2: Total moisture – Simplified procedure (CEN/TS 14774-2:2004, IDT) 
ДСТУ-П CEN/TS 14775:2012 Solid biofuels – Determination of ash content (CEN/TS 14775:2004, IDT)
ДСТУ-П CEN/TS 14780:2012 Solid biofuels – Sample preparation (CEN/TS 14780:2005, IDT) 
ДСТУ-П CEN/TS 15103:2012 Solid biofuels – Determination of bulk density (CEN/TS 15103:2005, IDT) 
ДСТУ-П CEN/TS 15104:2012 Solid biofuels – Determination of total content of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen – Instrumental method (CEN/TS 15104:2005, IDT) 
ДСТУ-П CEN/TS 15105:2012 Solid biofuels –   determination of water soluble chloride content, sodium and potassium (CEN/TS 15105:2005, IDT) 
ДСТУ-П CEN/TS 15150:2012 Solid biofuels –   determination of particles density (CEN/TS 15150:2005, IDT) 
ДСТУ-П CEN/TS 15297:2012  Solid biofuels – Determination of minor elements – As, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Hg, Mn, Mo, Ni, Pb, Sb, V and Zn (CEN/TS 15297:2006, IDT)